Revolutionising Retail Management with Advanced POS Software

CIO Vendor With a plethora of small businesses in the retail and eCommerce sector coming up, the need for a cutting edge POS Software has skyrocketed in India. Clients are looking for a POS Software that can be customized for their own workflow, can assist them in constant on-boarding of data and can be easily upgraded with their changing business needs. started in 2017 with an understanding of the need in the market for a POS software at an affordable price. It offers its new age POS Software, Stock2Track that is easy to use and has the capability to on-board data quickly. The consistent and highly visual UI of the software helps in easy adoption of the software into any business. The licensing model of our POS Software is offered for a lifetime to clients and allows users to have an unrestricted number of users, inventory locations and line of businesses.

Stock2Track is aimed to work on cloud and offline. It provides usage of applications using multiple channels, and provides rich features for integrating with other sales platforms like e-Commerce and marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart). It helps in managing different pricing models for various locations and delivery providers and assists franchise models for the store owners. `Our software is the best in India for small to medium scale businesses,' says Pavan Muppalla, CEO,

Working with a highly technical team with an average work experience of around 20 years in the software industry, time and again has interviewed business owners and
accountants to understand the challenges and thus filled the existing gap in the POS market. It developed its Stock2Track software, releasing it to small business units and helping them overcome their pain points with ease. makes sure to continuously integrate new and advanced features to its POS system based on various customer needs.

It offers more than 200 variants of the software catering to various industries in the retail segment. It helps clients to experience most of the POS business activities online such as installation and training. `Providing enhanced customer satisfaction, offering convenient store management and helping clients expand their business with impact is what we work for. Our software provides all the necessary functionality to support our clients in every step of their business,' says Pavan.

Our software provides all the necessary functionality to support our clients in every step of their business

A few of the prominent customers of include the Indian Railways RPSF battalion canteens, Proteins, a very reputed chain of meat stores and many other solo small to medium stores. In a span of four years has served more than 2000 customers who enjoy complete automation of their businesses with its POS Software.

Currently, operates from Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi and is working towards establishing 10-20 more locations across India by the end of December 2021. The company's technical roadmap includes providing customers the ease to create e-Commerce stores both on web and mobile automatically with the list of products available in their POS software and offering a seamless integration of e-Commerce sales with POS Software. The company will soon empower clients to integrate the POS Software with all delivery platforms such as Swiggy, Dunzo, Uber Eats, Rapido, and more.