Devourin: One-Stop Solution for All the Technology Needs of Restaurants

Sivanandan Chettiyar, Founder & CEO

Technology is an integral partof how restaurants operate today, encompassing every facet-from the kitchen to cash registers, from customer interactions to feedback, from the menu to inventory. Innovators are constantly coming up with new digital solutions to make restaurant operation easier, faster,and more profitable. This tech revolution has turned once imagined solutions into food service necessities, entirely transforming the restaurant business.

There is a plethora of players in this domain, who are associated with technology, but address only part of the technology need, resulting in efficiency loss due to disconnected systems. Devourin is focused on the importance of connected data flow to build the right intelligence of any kind(be it intelligence about customers, spend patterns, menu etc.). Devourin is a one-stop solution for all technology needs which a restaurant may ever need, as it offers seamlessly integrated solutions based on cloud and mobile technology. Devourin offers a wide range of products which can be bundled into three silos and restaurants can pick and choose based on their specific requirements. Restaurants can bank on the major products of Devourin which are; Customer Facing Essentials - POS, Websites and Mobile Apps, Operation Automation–Inventory & Recipe Management, KDS, Tools for captains and waiters, CRM, Loyalty Program and Coupons platform. Customer Experience - Feedback App, Hostess App, Queue Management. & Social Media, Cover Management. Interactive
Wall Display, Kiosk for self-ordering, and Digital table top for branding. It also offers custom solutions for restaurants where the end to end operations can be automated based on their needs of operation.

"Our vision is to empower restaurants to operate efficiently, enhance customer experience and increase profitability. Devourin is committed to be The Game Changer of restaurant technology"

Devourin offers a unique hybrid cloud model where the system works 100 percent offline, where the operations have no dependency on the internet, but at the same time connects to all the outlets at the backend. Restaurant owners can view all data in real time for all the outlets, up to the depth of what’s happening on a particular table.

They have built the best in class cloud technology, which provides hundred percent data backup, seamless data flow across outlets, centralized monitoring and management.

What makes Devourin stand apart from the rest of the players in the industry is their astute desire for innovation and perfection. The Devourin founding team is from Enterprise product development and Hospitality software background with over twenty years of international experience. With its solid foundation of architecture, technology and business, it has great plans for bringing in disruptive innovation for the restaurant industry. Certain product offerings from Devourin are one of its kind and is not available in the present business industry. With this unique standing, they are focused on keeping product offerings cost effective and pricing attractive to cover a wide range of customer base – from small food delivery shops to large restaurant chains. They are poised for expansion in other markets apart from India, namely UAE, Singapore, South East Asia etc.

“Our new offerings that are on the horizon are gamification for pubs/lounges and food courts along with enhancing our BI capabilities,” mentions Sivanandan Chettiyar, Founder & CEO, Devourin.