IT Will Lead The Journey To Be Digitally Disruptive

Rupinder Goel, Global CIO, Tata Communications Ltd. | Wednesday, 01 June 2016, 06:05 IST
Digital Transformation represents the quest to ride the wave of “Disruptive Technologies” which are affecting the Customer Experience and promising new areas of Business growth and Excellence.

Digitalization is the “third era of enterprise”. IT Strategy needs to be our vision to invest in right technologies and be a true ‘Enabler’ and Partner’ & co-create. This will enable companies to be future ready, responsive.

The IT Strategy lays down 5 key imperatives for IT become a true Enabler of business and lead the digital transformation journey. These imperatives will enable multiple, integrated digital platforms that will simplify service use and provision for flexible business models to enable changing business needs.

These 5 key imperatives are:

1. Co-creation

Technology to enable “co-creation” with Customers and Partners for exponential market growth by enabling end-to-end integration of NPI - Idea to service delivery, joint product development & leveraging concept to market labs.

2. Digital Innovation

Enabling environment to support digital infrastructure, digital tools, Platforms (e.g. mobile, social networks, Analytics, Big data) to design and develop digital products and services will allow composable digital services (automated, integrated, multi-channel ready etc.) to be seamlessly provided to business functions in a way that encapsulates the IT complexity of design & development and is yet delivered faster (even though iteratively).

3. Customer Experience Excellence

Improve the interaction and handling of customers by business and create value throughout the lifecycle, enabled through self-service portals covering entire
customer lifecycle.

4. Delivery Excellence

Adapt to and implement strategies and best practices to raise the IT delivery capability and execution model. Maintain focus on measuring IT ability to impact prioritized business outcomes on a continuous basis.

5. People Excellence

Digital Transformation can only be achieved through a major change in people culture, skills and capability. Developing & nurturing the skills & competencies requires thriving digital tools for enablement, such as - social collaboration, employee self-service, HR analytics and continuous learning.

Enabling an ecosystem for digital enablement to yield flexible bundling of products & services in collaboration with partners & customers would help achieve proactive network & service management and thereby improve overall customer experience. Complete digital enablement of customer experience lifecycle.

Excellence through complete digital context including real time analytics, predictive capabilities, end to end process automation and availability of cross enterprise digital platforms for business scalability would be achieved.

What will Digital Transformation deliver?

IT would adopt openness for innovation that merges business needs with delivery for agile launch of new services.

“Digital transformation will generate technology capabilities which will become a key differentiator to improve customer experience while offering services & propositions.” The idea is short term gains will lead to long term advantage, which in turn will generate value and flexibility.

Overall, digital transformation will deliver a set of business capabilities, tangible improvement metrics and technological enablement to improve the day-to-day working of various functions.