How Real-Time Data Connections are Solving Customer Problems

Chandra Venkataramani, CIO, Convergys | Friday, 01 September 2017, 11:34 IST

Technology has made it an exciting time to be a consumer. New advances have also made it an exciting time to serve those customers. To successfully navigate this new technology-enabled environment, the customer service industry needs to create powerful omnichannel customer journeys by incorporating mobile, text, chat, email, social, and interactive voice response solutions. Additionally, a business’ self-service outlets need to be constantly maintained and updated. These are no small tasks, and it all comes back to technology.

Get Agents Answers

‘Team leadership mobilization’ embraces technology to directly impact the customer service experience. It allows service representatives and team leaders to apply the most up-to-date technology. For example, if an agent speaksto a customer who has an issue they cannot solve on their own,the agent can alert a team leader using an internal secure chat system. The team leader can reply directly or go to the agent’s station to give feedback in-person. Real-time feedback can be helpful for easy issues, like efficiently identifying detailed financial information without compromising security, and complex issues, such aslaying out various mortgage refinancing options while taking layered variables into account (i.e., credit history, length of a loan and location of a home).

Get on Your Feet

In addition to the secure chat system that enables easy communication, it is also important to provide the tools needed for team leaders to be truly mobile. With a tablet in-hand, a customer support team leader is able to spend 25 percent more time on the floor with agents. The ability to roam allows for immediate feedback to agents in the midst of challenges and triumphs.

New technology in the industry also helps train agents to solve more complicated issues. This will support customers who expect fast solutions because the fewer calls that need escalation to more experienced agents, the better the performance, average call time and customer resolution rate.

Get Focused

To further serve clients and their end consumers it’s also vital for customer experience experts to monitor and compile agent performance. New technology enables managers to spend fewer hours preparing calculations and more time focused on data analysis and application. Pulling this together is no easy task. New innovations actually allow customer managers to automate administrative duties, enabling team leaders to focus on providing consistent and responsive coaching aligned with a client’s performance goals.

A recent CX (Customer Experience) Metrics & Omnichannel Trends Report finds that brands are 50 percent more likely to lose a customer after an unsatisfying and difficult customer service interaction. Many brands have already recognized this and made the switch from in-house customer service departments. They are now engaging customer management companies that have the capabilities to maximize industry-specific technology as complexity and competition increases.

So, while technology has given the customer more options, it is also giving customer service companies the tools to meet, and even get ahead of, customer needs. That’s why investing in a strategy to infuse innovation, insights, and operational excellence to make every experience great for clients and their businesses is an invaluable decision. Let’s ride the technology wave, improving business efficiency while also keeping customers better served than ever before.